Design for us

Design for us is a kind of way of thinking. A creative solution for certain problems. Functionality, sustainability, esthetics. An endless, creative game. Values that define Back2Bag’s works and philosophy. For design businesses, it’s usually the idea that crystallizes first, and designers will only search for possibilities of realization afterwards. Except for us. For Back2Bag, it was completely the other way. We had the raw material, and we had to find creative ways to use it.

Answers reinvented

During the daily operation of our affiliate, the car dismantler Mandy Car, we have been facing with problems that at the same time opened up new opportunities. Though cars are mainly functional objects, due to the market competition and the cult that surrounds them, they have perfect esthetics, down to the last detail. During dismantling, they accumulated large quantities of durable and high quality, attractive leather- and textile materials that is not recyclable in the automotive industry, however, due to their condition, it would be a shame just throw them away. On top of this, an airbag crisis years ago sent millions of dangerous airbags in the trash, only piling up without purpose.
Our affiliate has created a safe method for the destruction of these dangerous airbags, wherein the material of the bags remained intact. An additional advantage is that though this element is not visible for an average car owner, the materials were dyed of pleasant pastel colors (blue, pink, light yellow, gray, white) during manufacturing. The idea of making bags only crossed our minds after we have paired up the textiles with the leftover seatbelts and buckles. In addition to the countless advantages of the materials (heavy-duty, some of them are water-resistant, non-wrinkle, and easy to clean), hardships of working with the material also arose, but cooperating with the right experts, we have departed from the kitchen table, and eliminating all obstacles, Back2Bag was brought to life in January 2018.

The point of our bags

In our brand, we merge reinvented industrial esthetics and environment friendly attitude in a way that is easily interpreted. Materials are of diverse colors, therefore, no dye is needed. Every piece has its own history. We know the make and the model it spent the first half of its life in, and how it ended up with us - this is of a paramount importance, as the car itself is an icon, a mascot. While reinvention, iconic objects are re-born, as instead of becoming trash, they get a new functionality and use, and a new owner. All bags are unique. There are no two identical pieces of airbags or interiors, so, there are no two identical products, either. When designing the models, we tried to react to our own- and our environment’s needs – in addition to the backpacks that are trendy and practical at the same time, we have designed reinforced laptop holders and bicycle bags with linings. We are continuously working on new models, and in our various collaborations, we are also expanding our product portfolio.